READ ME - Order Deadlines

Between now and Sunday, Dec 12, you may order any card and it will arrive before Christmas.

After Monday, Dec 12, the card selection will be reduced to those on hand for immediate shipping.

After Monday, Dec 12, personalizations will be limited to ink only, that is no foil embossed personalizations on page 3 or on the envelope.

The latest I can ship an order and have it arrive before Christmas is Friday, December 17. After that overnight shipping will be required.

It's best to order earlier.  A long list of factors can impact shipping times. Consider these statements guidelines rather than promises.

Call 303-901-1182 if you're unsure we can meed your needs.

Thank you for supporting our charitable foundations in 2021! Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah To All!

We conduct art work searches in partnership with our beneficiaries. Children with the disease or their friends / family submit artwork for the cards. Sometimes these works would have been displayed proudly on the refrigerator. Other times, these works are created specifically for the fund raiser. In both cases, one must be impressed with the act of self determination, participating in a fund raiser that will help bring an end to illness.

Some of our cards are created by professional artists. Often they donate a work out of the goodness of their hearts.

All pages of the card and envelope are designed as a unified work of art. Design elements include:

  • high quality artwork
  • embossing and foil accents
  • paper selection enhances the cover art
  • verse selections coordinated with the whole
  • personalized signature and verse printed with coordinated inks
  • envelope paper and lining coordinated with the whole
  • return address printed on the back flap with coordinated inks