READ ME - Order Deadlines

Between now and Sunday, Dec 12, you may order any card and it will arrive before Christmas.

After Monday, Dec 12, the card selection will be reduced to those on hand for immediate shipping.

After Monday, Dec 12, personalizations will be limited to ink only, that is no foil embossed personalizations on page 3 or on the envelope.

The latest I can ship an order and have it arrive before Christmas is Friday, December 17. After that overnight shipping will be required.

It's best to order earlier.  A long list of factors can impact shipping times. Consider these statements guidelines rather than promises.

Call 303-901-1182 if you're unsure we can meed your needs.

Thank you for supporting our charitable foundations in 2021! Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah To All!

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Our mission is to empower a new generation of people in developing countries to create sustainable opportunity through literacy and continuing education. Literacy is a foundational skill. When young children don’t learn to read or write, it prevents advanced education, which translates to lower-paying jobs and smothers the opportunity to succeed. If this cycle continues, each successive generation will be left to struggle in abject poverty.