A disease can leave a person feeling powerless. This is more true for children because "you gotta be a grownup to do X, Y, Z....". Siblings experience the same feelings.

When a child participates in More Than Cards' Children's Art Search, they take matters into their own hands. They benefit from the experience their whole lives.

Please include a few words about the child's circumstances. They can be printed on page 2 of the card. Siblings sometimes dedicate the work.

More Than Cards rewards young artists with a $50 gift card to the merchant of their choice. We also offer letters of reference for artists hoping to develop their talents in college.

Occasionally, a parent asks "Is my child's artwork good enough for print?". Of course, it is. Every one of our young artists pours their heart into the project and it shows. The most popular artwork sell thousands of cards. We do not refuse artwork because there has never been a submission that didn't sell.

Bring it on, young Picassos! Show everyone what you've got!