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New For 2015 Free Shipping!!

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What's New At More Than Cards?

All More Than Cards products and pricing include shipping costs. Going forward, More Than Cards will not charge for shipping except in the final days of the holiday season when overnight and 2nd day air shipping is required.

When you browse the new pricing, you'll notice that they're almost the same as last year without shipping. Behind the scenes, we've been ruthlessly improving our processes, grinding out every possible penny while maintaining quality. Operational efficiency gets low priority at holiday cocktail parties but the benefits are exciting: low pricing for our customers while maintaining our contributions to JDRF. By the way, all our cards are created in U.S.A.

More Than Cards' personalized cards use to come in 25 packs. Now they come in 15 packs. You asked for it. We responded.

We've added 50+ Christian Christmas cards. Some include prayers. Some include scripture. Look to pages 2 and 3 for details of each card. Some were designed by nuns or priests. Find them in the card category "5x7 Prepackaged Cards" -> "Christian Christmas".

We've added several Hanukkah and Rosh Hashanah cards. Because Rosh Hashanah is Sept 13th, all Rosh Hashanah cards or other cards with Rosh Hashanah personalizations will receive priority processing at no extra charge. Please place orders by Friday, Sept 4th in order to receive them in time.

We've added 10+ new backgrounds for photo cards. They include portraits, bows, jingle bells, cookies, Santa, ribbons and wreaths. Check 'em out. If you'd like a photo card but don't feel comfortable with our web store's photo card creator, feel free to send your photo to We'll verify your photo is suitable for printing and send a proof of the card for your approval before printing. There is no extra charge for the service.

We've added 120+ cards for professional use. They can be found in the card category named "6x8 Elegant Personalized Cards".

Our quantity discount schedules vary depending on the card. Some are better for small quantity bargains. Others are better for large quantity bargains. If you want to order more than 200 cards, you should probably start shopping in the card category "6x8 Elegant Personalized Cards". If you want to order less then 200 cards, you should probably start shopping in the card categories named "5x7 Prepackaged Cards" or "6x8 Personalized Cards".

NEW FOR 2015
After picking one of our top level card categories("5x7 Prepackaged Cards", "6x8 Personalized Cards", etc.), look for a "New For 2015" card sub-category. It may be a nice time saver in your shopping process. The other card subcategories may be helpful too. There are more than 1400+ cards available at More Than Cards. It can be a lot to browse through them all.

Send a spreadsheet with your addressees We'll print both your destination address and return address on your envelopes.

More Than Cards has a Facebook page at If you're a Facebook user, please "Like" More Than Cards to let other know about us. Thanks!